Playgrounds & Facilities

NetCS SmartX Playground

Converged OF@TEIN+/KOREN Playground

Converged SmartX Playground SmartX Platfrom

Composable K-ONE Playground

K-ONE Playground - Buidup K-ONE Project Direction

SmartX Intelligence Cluster (AI & Deep Learning)

AI Computing Cluster Project AI Computer Cluster Concept


Software & Demonstration

NetCS Software Development

  • K-ONE Open-Source Software Networking, 2015-2020
  • KOREN SmartX Open Platform Collaboration, 2017 ~ Present
  • OF@TEIN+ Open-Source Playground Collaboration, 2012 – Present
  • SMOD (Visualization for large-format networked tiled display), 2005~2006
  • WebTile – A web user interface for managing tiled display, 2009
  • AG (Access Grid) with DV/HDV, 2004~2005
  • AG Connector (Application-level multicast support with UDP tunneling), 2005~2009
  • AG Monitor (Network monitoring of AG multicast streams), 2003~2004

NetCS Software Experience

NetCS Demonstrations