Research Topics


  • Ad Hoc networking for ambient intelligence and pervasive environments (mesh network, IPv6)
  • ◦ Joint Multipath Routing and Rate Allocation for Wireless Mesh Networks
  • ◦ P2P-based VoD in Mobile Opportunistic Networks
  • ◦ Mesh Connectivity Layer in Wireless mesh networks
  • ◦ Reliable MAC layer Multicast in 802.11 Wireless mesh Networks
  • ◦ Video Streaming over Wired/Multi-hop Wireless Network
  • ◦ High-Quality Multimedia Streaming in Wireless Networks
  • Dynamic network-adaptive media delivery over highly fluctuating networks for graceful degradation
  • ◦ Single-hop and Multi-hop Automatic Management and Planning
  • Ubiquitous media streaming with mobility, QoS, and multicast support
  • Resilient and synchronized media distribution over multicast-enabled networks