Moonjoong Kang

Research Interest: Automated and Secured Infrastructure Orchestration for Composable, SDI-oriented and Multi-Site Edge-Clouds Playground

  • Multi-Site Edge-Clouds Playground (i.e., Testbed)
  • Automated Box/Inter-connect Provisioning for Multi-Site Clusters
  • In-kernel Network Monitoring and Tracing for a cluster with SmartNIC-acceleration support
  • MultiSec (Multi-layered Security) Framework powered by Visibility Data


  • 2014. 03. ~ Current: M.S. Candidate of Information and Communication Engineering, GIST, South Korea (Adviser: Prof. JongWon Kim)
    Thesis Title: “Container-based 3-tier Service Enhancement with Networking Function Virtualization and Network-aware Service Mesh”
  • 2012. 03. ~ 2016.02.: Bachelor of Information and Communication Engineering, Changwon National University, South Korea

Participated Projects

  • Development of Automated SaaS Compatibility Techniques over Hybrid/Multisite Clouds, IITP, June 2016 – July 2017
    • Assigned Role & Task: A participant researcher supporting Task 2
    • [Task 2] Development of compatibility technology for diverse SaaS applications to heterogeneous clouds
  • Global SDN/NFV OpenSource Software Core Module/Function Development (K-ONE Project), IITP, August 2017 – Present
    • Assigned Role & Task: A participant researcher supporting Integration Task and OpenStack #1
    • [Integration Task] DevOps-based Software development and verification over K-ONE Open Playground
    • [OpenStack #1] SmartX Automated Provisioning Software for OpenStack-based Hyper-converged Boxes
  • Assuring Data Exchange QoS for Tactical Network Operation, ADD, November 2017 – Preset
    • Assigned Role & Task: A participant researcher supporting Task 3
    • [Task 3] Per Application Traffic QoS Policy Control/Monitoring Technology Research


International Conference

  • Kang, Moonjoong, and JongWon Kim. “Comparison of Service Description and Composition for Complex 3-Tier Cloud-based Services.” Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network 44 (2017): 37-40.
  • Usman, M., Risdianto, A. C., Han, J., Kang, M., & Kim, J. (2017, July). SmartX multiview visibility framework leveraging open-source software for SDN-cloud playground. In Network Softwarization (NetSoft), 2017 IEEE Conference on (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

Domestic Journal

  • 강문중, and 황민태. “스마트폰 애플리케이션을 위한 임베디드형 피드백 지원 검색체.” 한국정보통신학회논문지 21.5 (2017): 974-983.

Domestic Conference

  • 강문중, 남택호, and 김종원. “세밀한 QoS 제어를 위한 견실한 Service Mesh 의 프로그래머블 NIC 을 활용한 가속화 방안.” 한국통신학회 학술대회논문집 (2018): 608-608.
  • 강문중, 한정수, and 김종원. “복잡한 Web-App-DB 3 티어 서비스들을 위한 컨테이너 기반 서비스 기능 체이닝.” 한국통신학회 학술대회논문집 (2017): 1386-1387.
  • 강문중, 한정수, 김철원, 김종원, “OpenStack Heat와 Docker Compose를 활용한 데이터센터 3-tier 형태 서비스들의 실험적 합성”, 대한전자공학회 학술심포지움 , 2016.12.20.
  • 김승룡, 강문중, and 김종원. “컨테이너 기반 IoT-Cloud 서비스를 위한 워크플로우를 활용한 자동화된 서비스 합성.” 한국통신학회 학술대회논문집 (2017): 622-622.

Technical Documents

  • [K-ONE Technical Document #24] Moonjoong Kang and Jun-Sik Shin, “Construction of Multi-Site Clouds with OpenStack Tricircle over K-ONE Playground”, 2017

Manipulable Tools

  • Programming Languages
    • Python, Java, C++, Bash Script, GoLang
  • OpenSource Software
    • (Basic) Linux OS (mainly Ubuntu Distro)
    • (Basic) FreeBSD OS
    • (Cloud) OpenStack Cloud OS
    • (Overlay Virtual Networking) OpenVSwitch
    • (Provisioning) Ansible
    • (Messaging) Apache Kafka
    • (NOS) Microsoft SONiC, Dell OpenSwitch
    • (Proxy) HAProxy, Nginx, Apache
    • (Virtualization & Containerization) XenServer, Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Istio
    • (K8s Container Networking) Calico, Weave, Flannel
    • (Visibility) Collectd, Grafana, InfluxDB, Intel Snap, Weave Scope
    • (ID Authorization/Authentication) OpenLDAP, MIT Kerberos
    • (DNS) BIND, Unbound, DNSCrypt-Proxy
    • (Firewall) pfSense
    • (VPN) OpenVPN
  • Computing Hardware (Server)
    • Intel ONP Server, IBM x3650 M4, Supermicro E200-8D, Supermicro E300-8D, Raspberry PI 2 model B
  • Network Hardware (Router, Switch, and NIC)
    • (Router) Juniper MX80 Router, Cisco Catalyst 4506
    • (Switch) Dell S4048-ON (with Force9), Dell PowerConnect 6248, Dell X1052, Znyx B1 Server/Switch, Mellanox SN2100 (with Onyx), Netgear M4300 12X12F, Netgear M4300 52G-PoE+, Netgear XS716T, Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN, HP e5406zl
    • (Open Networking Switch) Dell S4048-ON (with OpenSwitch), EdgeCore AS5712-54X (with OpenSwitch, SONiC)
    • (SmartNIC) Mellanox ConnextX-4 Lx En 25GbE, Mellanox ConnextX-4 En 100GbE