Professor  Prof. Jongwon Kim
Research Professor  Dr. ByungRae Cha
Research Professor  Dr. Sun Park
Ph. D. Course  Jungsu Han Dynamic OverCloud for Realizing Diversified Services
Ph. D. Course  Jun-Sik Shin Composable Multi-Site Edge-Clouds with Automated Provisioning Tools & MultiSec (Multi-layered Security) Framework with Visibility Support
Ph. D. Course  Muhammd Ahmad Rathore  Integrating Active Monitoring for Restricted Topology-awareness of SmartX Multi-View Playground Visibility.
M.S.  Course Youngeun Choe
M.S.  Course Geumseong Yoon
M.S. Course DongHwan Ku





Name Degree Date Thesis Title. Work
Aris Cahyadi Risdianto Ph.D. Feb. 2020 DevOps-based Collaboration for Building and Operating SDN-enabled Multisite Cloud Playground National Cybersecurity R&D Lab., Singapore
Muhammad Usman Ph.D. Aug. 2019 SmartX Multi-View Visibility Framework for Unified Monitoring of SDN-enabled Multisite Cloud Playground Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Jinyong Jo Ph.D. Aug. 2013 User-driven Virtual Networking with Programmable Network Substrate KISTI
Jongryoul Kim Ph.D. Feb. 2013 Resource-Aware Reliable Real-Time Data Distribution Employing Heterogeneous Computing/Networking Resource Pools Samsung Electronics
Jae-Yong Yoo Ph.D. Aug. 2012 FlowNet: Heterogeneous Flow Coordination Framework in Enterprise WiFi Networks Amazon, USA
Namgon Kim Ph.D. Aug. 2012 NetOpen: OpenFlow -based Software-Defined Networking over Programmable Substrates KT (Korea Telecom)
Sang Woo Han Ph.D. Aug. 2011 An Adaptive Media-centric Service Composition Framework for Multiparty Collaboration Environments ADD (Agency for Defense Development)
Hayoung Yoon Ph.D. Feb. 2011 Opportunistic Multimedia Contents Distribution in !WiFi-based Mobile Networks zVolti [Co-founder, CTO]
Juwon Park Ph.D. Aug. 2010 QoS-aware Multipoint Communication over Optical Networks KISTI
Hyunyong Lee Ph.D. Aug. 2010 User-oriented Bilateral Cooperation for Efficient !P2P Content Distribution ETRI
Dong-Hoon Yi Ph.D. Feb. 2010 Bandwidth and Latency Provisioning for Service Overlay Networks KT (Korea Telecom)
Seokhee Lee Ph.D. Feb. 2010 Transparency Improvement of Haptic-based Networked Systems LG Electronics
Huazhi(Hank) Gong Ph.D. Feb. 2009 Modeling and Heuristic Schemes for Network Management in 802.11-based Wireless Networks Thales Canada, Transportation Solutions
Sanghoon Park Ph.D. Feb. 2008 Cross-layered network-adaptive video streaming over wireless networks LGU+
Deukwhee Kwak Ph.D. Feb. 2006 An efficient group key and network management framework for secure and dynamic group communication KT (Korea Telecom)
Gooyoun Hwang Ph.D. Feb. 2006 Adaptive quality of service guarantees for multimedia delivery in differentiated services networks NRF (National Research Foundation)
Dongwook Lee Ph.D. Feb. 2004 Handoff analysis and enhanced multimedia delivery in mobile IP networks Samsung Electronics



Name Degree Date Thesis Title. Work
SeungHyeung Lee M.S. Feb. 2020 Cloud-Native IoT-Cloud Services Composition with Monitoring-based Refinement over Multiple Kubernetes Clusters
Juseong Kim M.S. Feb. 2020 SDN-based Coordination for IoT-Cloud Connectivity employing Multi-Access SmartX Boxes
Jincheol Kwon M.S. Aug. 2019 TmaxSoft
MoonJoong Kang M.S. Feb. 2019 Container-based 3-tier Service Enhancement with Networking Function Virtualization and Network-aware Service Mesh Line Plus Corporation
Taekho Nam M.S. Feb. 2018 Cluster Visibility Framework employing IO Visor and Data Transfer Node with Smart NIC KFTC (Korea Financial Telecomm. and Clearings Institute)
Chorwon Kim M.S. Feb. 2018 Continuous Integration of Container-based Microservices with DevOps-Automated Testing ETRI
Heebum Yoon M.S. Aug. 2017 SDN-assisted Flow-Steering for SmartX IoT-Cloud Services over Edge-Clouds LG Electronics
Jiwon Song M.S. Aug. 2017 SmartX Intelligence Cluster with FastData Analytics for SmartX IoT-Cloud Services JLK Inspection
Jungi Lee M.S. Aug. 2017 L2/L3 Inter-Connection of Distributed Cloud-ready Boxes and Packet Tracing & Chained Analysis ETRI
Seungryong Kim M.S. Feb. 2017 Integrated Operation Visibility for Smart Energy IoT-Cloud Services over SmartX-mini Playground KIOST (Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology)
Jeungju Bae M.S. Aug. 2016 DevOps-based SmartX Automated Orchestration for Containerized IoT-Cloud Services KIOST (Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology)
JunSik Shin M.S. Feb. 2016 SmartX Provisioning Framework: Automated Box/Inter-connect Provisioning for Building Multi-site Clouds GIST Ph.D. Student
Jeongsu Han M.S. Feb. 2016 Resource-aware Orchestration for Virtualized Service Funtions over SmartX Cloud Playground GIST Ph.D. Student
Taeheum Na M.S Feb. 2015 Automated Inter-Connection Schemes for SmartX Boxes and Virtual Machine Functions ETRI
Gyeongsoo Noh M.S Aug. 2013 Connecting Isolated OpenFlow Networks employing Flexible GRE Tunnels GIST Ph.D. Student
Hyun Lee M.S. Feb. 2013 MOVi+: Performance Improvement of Mobile Peer-to-peer Video-on-Demand in Opportunity Perspective ADD (Agency for Defense Development)
Sungho Shin M.S. Aug. 2011 Flow-based Performance Enhancements with NetOpen UI employing OpenFlow Programmable Networking Substrates LG Electronics
SuHyun An M.S. Feb. 2011 Exploiting System and Network Virtualization in BitTorrent -like File-Sharing Systems Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Koh Choi M.S. Aug. 2010 Monitoring-based coordination of network-adaptive FEC for wireless multi-hop video streaming LG Electronics
Jungsik Yoon M.S. Aug. 2010 Cluster-based Segment Scheduling for P2P VoD System over Wireless Networks Samsung Electronics
Vinay Ramachandra M.S. Feb. 2010 Understanding Visualization Sharing Employing Networked Tiled Display for Remote Collaboration NerdyFactory [Co-founder]
Changhyeok Bae M.S. Aug. 2009 Model-based performance analysis and resource adaptation scheme for networked tiled display LG Electronics
Jongchul Park M.S. Aug. 2009 System enhancements and extension for uncompressed HD media streaming Dongbu CNI
Jungtae Bae M.S. Aug. 2009 Network-adaptive rate and error control for video streaming over wireless multi-hop networks Hanwha Cooperation
Sujin Ko M.S. Feb. 2009 Template-based interaction management for spatial interaction of advanced collaborative environment Georgia Tech (MBA), USA
Seokho Son M.S. Feb. 2009 Networked Haptic Virtual Environments Supporting Ultra High Resolution Display with a Resource Management Scheme GIST Ph.D. Student
Kiho Choi M.S. Feb. 2008 Clustered networked display system and performance analysis LG Electronics
Hai Dao Le M.S. Aug. 2007 Using anycast for improving peer-to-peer overlay networks Viet Vuong Corporation
Chongkwon Chae M.S. Aug. 2007 Multiple session-based synchronization and system enhancements for uncompressed HD media streaming LG Electronics
Jongryoul Kim M.S. Aug. 2007 Synchronous multi-view video transport system over IP networks GIST Ph.D. Student
Sungtae Moon M.S. Feb. 2007 Network-adaptive Selection of Transport Error Control (NASTE) for Video Streaming over WLAN KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
Faysal Muhammad M.S. Aug. 2006 High Performance Reliable Multicast Protocol Nokia Siemens Networks
Jaeyoun Kim M.S. Feb. 2006 Decomposable decoding and display structure for scalable media visualization over advanced collaborative environment Qualcomm Korea
Hayoung Yoon M.S. Feb. 2006 Dynamic admission control with link-layer channel monitoring in IEEE 802.11e WLANs GIST Ph.D. Student
Namgon Kim M.S. Feb. 2006 UDP-tunneling based multicast connectivity solution for multi-party collaborative environments GIST Ph.D. Student
Seungju Lee M.S. Feb. 2006 Design of multicast group security mechanisms for efficient media streaming Samsung Electronics
Kiyoung Lee M.S. Aug. 2006 Software-based Realization of Secure Stereoscopic HD Video Delivery over IP Networks LG Electronics
Hyunyong Lee M.S. Feb. 2005 A proxy technique for reliable contents sharing among UPnP -enabled home networks GIST Ph.D. Student
Chulho Lee M.S. Feb. 2005 A cross-layer approach for seamless and reliable media streaming over wireless networks North Carolina State University, USA
Youngwoo Kwon M.S. Feb. 2005 Adaptive high-speed media transport for HD video streaming Virginia Tech, USA
Sang Woo Han M.S. Feb. 2005 Design and implementation of network-adaptive high-quality video service for the Access Grid GIST Ph.D. Student
Ju-Won Park M.S. Aug. 2004 End-to-end performance enhancement based on hybrid monitoring scheme for real-time media delivery over the multicast network GIST Ph.D. Student
Jaeyeon Lee M.S. Feb. 2004 Network-adaptive video transmission and differentiation mechanisms over IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN Samsung Tales
Hyeyoung Chang M.S. Feb. 2004 Reliable high-speed media transport and its adaptive control Samsung Electronics
Jaeheon Jeong M.S. Feb. 2004 Adaptive bucket synchronization for fairness in networked virtual environments University of Florida, USA
Yoonyoung Kim M.S. Aug. 2003 Integration of congestion control and adaptive playout for unicast media streaming NSRI (National Security Research Institute)
Kyoungae Yoon M.S. Feb. 2003 Dynamic and proportional delay differentiation service for media delivery over IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN GIST Ph.D. Student
Donghoon Yi M.S. Aug. 2002 Bandwidth scheduling with advanced reservation for network QoS provisioning GIST Ph.D. Student
Jinyong Jo M.S. Aug. 2002 Synchronized multicast media streaming employing server-client coordinated adaptive playout and error control KISTI / GIST Ph.D. Student
Changky Sung M.S. Aug. 2002 Output tracking for MIMO nonlinear dynamical systems based on input-output linearization and variable structure control ADD
Hyungseok Kim M.S. Feb. 1999 A study on the streaming video player for the multimedia database


Post Doctoral Research Associates

Name Degree Period
Sang Woo Han Ph.D. Sep. 2011 ~ Mar. 2012
Ilseok Ko Ph.D. May. 2006 ~ Dec. 2006
Hyesun Hur Ph.D. May. 2004 ~ Apr. 2005
Chanmo Park Ph.D. Sep. 2002 ~ Aug. 2004


Administrative Staff

Name Period
Eunji Lee Jan. 2018 ~ Dec. 2018
Yuna Kim Apr. 2017 ~ Dec. 2017
Eunmi Hwang Nov. 2016 ~ Nov. 2017
Hyojin Shim Sep. 2016 ~ July. 2017
Seyeon Park Dec. 2014 ~ Aug. 2015
Juyeon Kim Jul. 2009 ~ Dec. 2011, ~ Nov. 2016
Jaeok Shim May 2007 ~ Aug. 2009
Yuri Chae Jul. 2004 ~ Jun. 2007


Technical Staff

Name Degree Period
Youngbin Im B.S. ~ Sep. 2017
Jongwan Yoon M.S. Jan. 2010 ~ Dec. 2010


Intern Students

Year Name Affiliation Period
2020 Summer Yura Choi GIST July 2020 ~ Current
Youngmok Kim GIST July 2020 ~ Current
2020 Winter Taewan Kim GIST Jan. 2020 ~ Current
Changha Lee GIST Jan. 2020 ~ Current
Eunji Kim GIST Jan. 2020 ~ June. 2020
Yujin Hong GIST Jan. 2020 ~ June. 2020
2019 Summer Donghwan Ku Kyungil University July 2019 ~ Aug. 2019
2019 Winter Jabin Koo GIST Jane 2019 ~ Mar. 2019
2018 Summer ~ Yujin Hong GIST June 2018 ~ May 2019
~ Winter
Kunho Lee GIST June 2018 ~ Nov. 2018
Hyunjun Jung GIST June 2018 ~ Nov. 2018
Soohyun Choi GIST June 2018 ~ Nov. 2018
Eunji Kim GIST June 2018 ~ Nov. 2018
2016 Summer Donghwuy Ko GIST June 2016 ~ Aug. 2016
Minseung Kim GIST June 2016 ~ Aug. 2016
2015 Summer Phyo May Thet Chulalongkorn University June 29. 2015 ~ Aug. 7. 2015
Azeem Iqbal National University of Sciences and Tech. June 29. 2015 ~ Aug. 7. 2015
2014 Summer Jiwon Song GIST June 23. 2014 ~ Aug. 22. 2015
Jungi Lee GIST June 23. 2014 ~ Aug. 22. 2015
Seunghoon Woo GIST June 23. 2014 ~ Aug. 22. 2015
2013 Summer Boby Parichat Chulalongkorn University Jul. 1. 2012 ~ Aug. 16. 2013
Mujeeb Ahmed Seoul National University Jul. 1. 2012 ~ Aug. 16. 2013
2012 Summer Seokhee Jeong Chungbuk National University Jul. 1. 2012 ~ Aug. 15. 2012
2011 Summer Jaemin Han Korea University of Tech. and Edu. Jul. 1. 2011 ~ Aug. 15. 2011
2010 Summer Namgon Lucas Kim Kyungnam University June 22. 2010 ~ Aug. 31. 2010
Jongwan Yoon Sungkyunkwan University June 22. 2010 ~ Aug. 31. 2010
Heewoong Park Hanyang University June 22. 2010 ~ Aug. 31. 2010
2009 Winter Bumhyun Baek Kangwon National University Dec. 29. 2008 ~ Feb. 28. 2009
Sangil Choi Kyungpook National University Dec. 29. 2008 ~ Feb. 28. 2009
2009 Summer Jiwoong Ha Chosun University June 22. 2009 ~ Aug. 23. 2009
2008 Winter Sungho Shin Chungbuk National University Dec. 29. 2008 ~ Feb. 28. 2009
Yuyang Liu Chonnam National University Dec. 29. 2008 ~ Feb. 28. 2009
2008 Summer Suhyun An Korea University of Tech. and Edu. June 26. 2008 ~ Aug. 31. 2008
2007 Winter Koh Choi Chonbuk National University Dec. 26. 2007 ~ Feb. 28. 2008
Jeungeun Kim Hansung University Dec. 27. 2007 ~ Feb. 28. 2008
Jungsik Yoon Ajou University Jan. 7. 2007 ~ Feb. 28. 2008
2007 Summer Changhyeok Bae Korea University of Tech. and Edu. June 29. 2007 ~ Aug. 2007
2006 Winter Jungtae Bae Hankuk Avation University Dec. 28. 2006 ~ Feb. 21. 2007
Jongchul Park Chonbuk National University Dec. 28. 2006 ~ Feb. 21. 2007
Wooyoung Lee Chonnam National University Dec. 28. 2006 ~ Jan. 21. 2007
2006 Summer Sujin Ko University of Seoul June 27. 2006 ~ Aug. 26. 2006
Seokho Son Pukyong National University June 27. 2006 ~ Aug. 26. 2006
2005 Winter Kiho Choi Chonnam National University Dec. 27. 2005 ~ Feb. 2005
2005 Summer Mingeun Cho Kwangwoon University June 27. 2005 ~ Aug. 16. 2005
Jongryool Kim Ajou University June 27. 2005 ~ Aug. 27. 2005
Yongjae Yoo Handong Global University June 27. 2005 ~ Aug. 27. 2005
Gildong Cho Dong-A University July. 18. 2005 ~ Aug. 27. 2005
2004 Winter Suntae Moon Chonnam National University Dec. 28. 2004 ~ Feb. 27. 2005
Hongsun Noh Ulsan University Dec. 28. 2004 ~ Feb. 27. 2005
Gildong Cho Dong-A University Dec. 28. 2004 ~ Feb. 27. 2005
2004 Summer Sungwoo Shin Korea University of Tech. and Edu. June 28. 2004 ~ Sep. 3. 2004
Kyeongmin Cheon Kyungnam University June 28. 2004 ~ Aug. 27. 2004
Yongjae You Hangong Global University June 28. 2004 ~ Aug. 27. 2004
Jaeyong Yu Dongguk University June 28. 2004 ~ Aug. 20. 2004
Eunjin Shin Sungshin Women’s University June 28. 2004 ~ Sep. 3. 2004
2003 Winter Chihoon Shin Dec. 22. 2003 ~ Feb. 2004
Sungtae Moon Chonnam National University Jan. 2003 ~ Feb. 2004
2003 Summer Kwangchul Jung Sungkyunkwan University June 23. 2003 ~ July. 2003
2002 Winter Youngmin Kim Chonnam National University Jan. 2. 2003 ~ Jan. 30. 2003
Sunhee hwang Catholic University of Korea Jan. 2. 2003 ~ Jan. 30. 2003
2002 Summer Sangwoo Han Chung-Ang University Jul. 1. 2002 ~ Jul. 30. 2002
2001 Winter Taewan Kim Dong-A University
Yongwoo Sin Chonbuk National University
Jinmyung Kim Konkuk University