Namgon Lucas Kim

Networked Computing Systems Lab., GIST, Gwangju, Korea, 61005 / / +82-62-715-2273



Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)


Ph.D. Student 2010. 09 ~ Current
·          Research area: EECS

·          Adviser: Prof. JongWon Kim

Kyungnam University M.S. In Computer Engineering 2008. 09 ~ 2010. 08
·          Adviser: Prof. Seung-Joon Seok

·          Thesis: A study of end-to-end Reliability and Congestion control in Wireless Sensor Networks

  B.S. In Computer Engineering 2002. 03 ~ 2008. 08

Project participation

OverCloud ·          Research Assistant, 2016. 04 ~ Current

·          SaaS compatibility between hybrid/multi-site Cloud

K-ONE ·          Research Assistant, 2015. 06 ~ 2016. 05

·          Developing open-source sofware

OF@TEIN ·          Research Assistant, 2013. 07 ~ 2013. 12

·          Research Assistant, 2012. 06 ~ 2012. 12

·          Expansion and enhancement of OpenFlow-based SDN experiment infrastructure

SmartX Media System ·          Research Assistant, 2012. 05 ~ 2015. 04

·          integrating and coordinating of heterogeneous parallel computing and flow-based software defined networking

CUDA DXT ·          Research Assistant, 2011. 01 ~ 2011. 12

·          GPU-based compression and transport technique for real-time HD media

FIRST@PC ·          Research Assistant, 2010. 09 ~ 2012. 02

·          Future Internet Testbed Research

ITRC CENNS ·          Research Assistant, 2010. 09 ~ 2011. 12

·          Media Distribution Research

USB-KOINONIA ·          Research Assistant, 2009. 06 ~ 2010. 06

·          Develop Device Driver for B-CDMA

OpenFlow ·          Research Assistant, 2009. 07 ~ 2009. 12

·          Configure OpenFlow Testbed for KOREN

SensorP2P ·          Research Assistant, 2008. 07 ~ 2008. 12

·          Develop Framework for WSNs

Technical Skills
Programming ·          C/C++, JAVA, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX

·          MS Windows Network-device Driver Programming

·          NS-2 Network Simulator

System Operation ·          VMWare ESXi, XenServer

·          MS Exchange Server

Application ·          MS Office, Hangul

·          MS Windows (Incl. Server), Linux, Mac OS X

Certifications ·          Engineer Information Processing, 2008

·          2nd grade of Electronic Commercial Consultant, 2003

·          1st grade of Computer Application Capability, 2003


·          Namgon Lucas Kim and JongWon Kim, “BigData Benchmarking for Efficient Shared Cluster Operation leveraging Apache Mesos/Spark,” in Proc. KIISE Korean Computer Conference (KCC 2016), Jeju, Korea, June 2016.

·          Jiwon Song, Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “Construction and verification of Apache Spark-based analytics engine for SmartX-mini Center,” in Proc. KICS (Korea Institute of Communications and Information Sciences) 2015 Fall Conference, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2015.

·          Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Namgon Lucas Kim, Jun-Sik Shin, Jeongju Bae, Muhammad Usman, Teck Chaw Ling, Parichat Panwaree, Phyo May Thet, Chaodit Aswakul, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Azeem Iqbal, Uzzam Javed, Muhammad U. Ilyas, and JongWon Kim, “OF@TEIN: A community effort towards open/shared SDN-Cloud virtual playground,” in Proc. APAN- Network Research Workshop 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aug. 2015.

·          JongWon Kim, Byung-Rae Cha, Jongryool Kim, Namgon Lucas Kim, Gyeongsoo Noh, Youngwan Jang, Hyeong Geun An, Hongsik Park, JiHoon Hong, DongSeok Jang, TaeWan Ko, Wang-Cheol Song, Seokhong Min , Jaeyong Lee, Byungchul Kim, Ilkwon Cho, Hyong-Soon Kim, and Sun-Moo Kang, “OF@TEIN: An OpenFlow-enabled SDN testbed over international SmartX Rack sites,” in Proc. APAN- Network Research Workshop 2013, Daejeon, Korea, Aug. 2013.

·          Namgon Lucas Kim and JongWon Kim, “Applying virtualization to SmartX node for efficient resource utilization,” in Proc. KIISE Korean Computer Conference (KCC 2013), Yeosu, Korea, July 2013.

·          Namgon Lucas Kim and JongWon Kim, “GPU-based low-latency DXT compression and transport for 4K ultra-high-definition media sharing,” Journal of the Korean Institute of Information Scientists Engineers (KIISE) Computing Practices & Letters, vol. 18, no. 8, pp. 573-581, Aug. 2012.

·          Namgon Kim, Jae-Yong Yoo, Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “A programmable networking switch node with in-network processing support,” in Proc. SDN’12: Workshop on Software Defined Networks (co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)), Ottawa, Canada, June. 2012.

·          Namgon Kim, Jae-Yong Yoo, Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “A visual-sharing switching device supporting programmable in-network content  adaptation,” Journal of IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol. 58, no.2, pp. 413-418, May 2012.

·          Namgon Kim, Jae-Yong Yoo, Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “In-network processing of the GPU-based real-time DXT compression,” in Proc. ACM CoNEXT 2011 Student Workshop, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2011.

·          Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “Design and implementation of GPU-based real-time DXT compression module for 4K ultra-high-definition media,” in Proc. KIISE(Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers) 2011 Fall Conference, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2011.

·          Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “Deploying GPU-based real-time DXT compression for networked visual sharing,” in Proc. APAN-Network Research Workshop 2011, Delhi, India, Aug. 2011.

·          Sungho Shin, Namgon Kim, Namgon Lucas Kim, and JongWon Kim, “Flow-based performance enhancements of SAGE visualcasting using OpenFlow programmable networking,” in Proc. The 31th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology(ICACT 2011), Gangwon, Korea, Feb. 2011.

·          Namgon Lucas Kim and JongWon Kim, “Deploying GPU-based DXT Compression for Interactive HD Media Sharing,” In Proc. Of IPIU 2011

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·          Seung-Joon Seok, Nam-Gon Kim, Deokjai Choi and Wang-Cheol Song. “An Implementation of P2P System for Sharing Sensory Information,” In Proc. of APNOMS 2009(LNCS 5787), Jeju, Korea. Sep. 2009

·          Nam-Gon Kim, Seung-Joon Seok, Wang-Cheol Song and  Deokjai Choi, “A Design of Virtual Sensor Peer for Sensor P2P,” In Proc. of KIPS 2009 Spring

·          Nam-Gon Kim and Seung-Joon Seok, “Design and Implementation of USN Sink node for Sensor P2P Framework,” In Proc. of KICS 2008 Fall

Honors and Awards

·          Full Korean Government Scholarship (2010. 09 ~ Current)

·          Full Kyungnam University Scholarship (2008. 09 ~ 2010. 08)

·          Brain Korea 21 (BK21) Scholarship (2008. 09 ~ 2010. 08)

·          Win the grand prize in Intelligent Home Model Creation competition (2007. 10)

·          Scholarship form Jungsan Scholarship Association (2007. 03 ~ 2008. 08)


Korea Patent ·          Media compression and transport method using graphic processing units and apparatus for implementing same

·          10-1284559 (2013. 07. 04)

  ·          Potential peer producing method and system thereof using P2P sensor network

·          10-1004798 (2010. 12. 22)