GISTNetCS  Welcome to GIST Networked Intelligence/Networked Computing Systems Lab.(renamed from Networked Media Lab)

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Research Theme: Networked Computing Systems (NetCS) Challenges focusing on “Agile & Visible p+v+cFunction-leveraged Composition of SmartX IoT-Cloud Services employing Programmable/Sliced/Hyper-Converged(Compute/Storage/Networking)  Resources”.

You can find more detailed explanation about our research theme from KRNET 2013, ICOIN 2015APNOMS 2017 presentation slides.

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Call for Participation

NetCS (Networked Computing Systems) Lab is looking for Post-Doctoral researchers, Research staffs, Ph.D. students, and M.S. students who are willing to break new ground and to be tomorrow`s leaders in “Networked Computing Systems” area. Send a 1000 word “statement of purpose” to with resume. This statement should address relevant educational background, research experience, and areas of interest.

Contact Information

ㆍAddress: C-206|C-207|C-208|C-210|C-212, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), 123, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu,  Gwangju, Korea
ㆍTel: +82-62-715-2219 (Professor office), 3136, 2273 (Student offices), 2276, 3149 (Staff office) / Fax: +82-62-715-3155

News & Events


Date News
2019.08  Launch of ETRI Project on “Visibility-based Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Service Deployment and Optimization” (1 Year)
2019.07  Launch of ADD Project on “Adative Design Method for Scalable System” (3 Years: 2019 ~ 2021)
2019.01  Welcome new MS Students (Youngeun Choe, Geumseong Yoon)
2018.06  Welcome summer intern students (Soohyun Choi, Eunji Kim, Kunho Lee, Hyunjun Jung, Yujin Hong)
2018.06  Launch of EU Asi@Connect IoTCloudServe@TEIN Collaboration Project (2 Years / Chulalonkorn, Thailand & GIST, Korea)
2018.06  Launch of KOREN 2018 collaboration project for KOREN Open Platform (Phase 2)
2018.01  Launch of Cyber Security Defense Cycle Project with GIST WNSL (3 Years: 2018 ~ 2020)
2018.01  Winter WS in Jeongseon
2018.01  EU Asi@Connect OF@TEIN+ Collaboration Annual WS @ UM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017.12  EU Asi@Connect OF@TEIN+ Collaborator Meeting @ NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan
2017.08  Launch of EU Asi@Connect OF@TEIN+ Collaboration Project (2 Years / UM, Malaysia & GIST, Korea)
2017.08  Summer WS in Muan
2017.07  Launch of ADD Tactical Network Project with GIST WNSL (2 Years)
2017.07  Launch of KOREN 2017 collaboration project for KOREN Open Platform (Phase 1)
2017.07  Welcome a new MS student (SeungHyeung Lee)
2017.03  Welcome a new PhD Student (Ahmad Rathore)
2017.01  Welcome a continuing PhD student (Seungryong Kim) and new MS students (Juseong Kim, Jincheol Kwon)
2016.08  Summer WS in Namhae
2016.07  Welcome a new MS student (Moonjoong Kang)
2016.07  Launch of KOREN 2016 project for Open API and SDX Federation
2016.06  Participation to EU-KR Joint Horizon 2020 Collaboration: 5G Champion Project (2 Years: 2016 ~ 2018)
2016.04  Launch of Dynamic SaaS OverCloud Project (3 Years: 2016 ~ 2018)
2016.04  Launch of SW Convergence project with Atto Research (3rd year)
2016.01  Welcome new MS students (Taekho Nam, Chorwon Kim)
2015.12  Welcome continuing PhD students (Junsik Shin, Jungsu Han)
2015.10  Conduct OF@TEIN Collaboration Training @ Islamabad, Pakistan
2015.08  Welcome a new MS student (Heebum Yoon)
2015.07  Conduct K-ICT Network Challenge Camp Training on SmartX & SmartX -mini
2015.07  Launch of KOREN 2015 project for Open SmartX Platform
2015.06  Launch of K-ONE Open-Source Networking Collaboration project (5 Years: 2015~2020)
2015.05  Launch of SW Convergence project with Atto Research (2nd year)
2015.05  Organized OF@TEIN Collaboration Workshop 2015 @ Hanoi, Viet Nam
2015.03  Launch of Moonlight Collaboration (달빛상생) project (2015.03~2015.12)
2015.01  Welcome new MS students (Jungi Lee, Seungryong Kim) and a new integrated MS/Ph.D student (Jiwon Song)
2015.08  Launch of KOREN 2014 project
2014.08  Welcome a new MS student (Jeongju Bae) and a new integrated MS/Ph.D student (Usman Muhammad)
2014.07  Summer WS in Muan
2014.05  Welcome a new research staff (Dongseok Jang)
2014.05  Launch of SW Convergence project with Atto Research (1st year)
2014.01  Welcome new MS students (Junsik Shin, Jungsu Han)
2013.11  Welcome a new Research Prof (Dr. Sun Park)
2013.11  Launch of SmartFIRE FP7-ICT project (26 months: 2013.11~2015.12)
2013.09  Launch of SDN Security project (14 months: 2013.09~2014.12)
2013.07  Summer WS in Geojae (7.25-27)
2013.07  Launch of OF@TEIN 2013 project
2013.07  Welcome summer intern students (Bobby and Mujeep)
2013.03  Welcome a new MS student (Taeheum Na)
2012.08  Summer workshop in Jeju
2012.07  Launch of OF@TEIN 2012 project
2012.05  Launch of SmartX Media NRF project (2012.5~2015.4)
2011.09  2011 Homecoming Day in Yangpeyoung (9.2-3)
2011.08  Summer workshop in Muju (8.11-13)
2011.07  Welcome a summer intern student (Jaemin Han)
2011.04  Renaming of Lab to “Networked Computing Systems” Lab.
2011.03  Welcome new MS students (Hyun Lee, Gyeongsoo Noh)
2011.02  NML winter workshop in Pheonix Park (2.14-16)
2010.09   Welcome a new Ph. D. Student (Namgon Lucas Kim)
2010.09   Welcome a new Post-Master’s research associate (Jongwan Yoon)
2010.07   Welcome summer intern students (Namgon Lucas Kim, Jongwan Yoon, Hyungjin Kim, and Heewoong Park)
2010.03   Visiting International joint research with Renaissance Computing Institute, USA (2010.3~2010.9, Namgon Kim)
2010.03   Visiting International joint research with I2R, Singapore (2010.3~2010.9, Hayoung Yoon)
2009.08   Welcome a new Ph.D. student (Bum Hyun Baek)
2009.07   NML Summer Workshop in Geoje island (7.16~7.18)
2009.06   Welcome a summer intern student (Jiwoong Ha)
2009.06   Visiting International joint research with NiCT, Japan (2009.6~2010.6, Hyunyong Lee)
2009.05   NML Homecoming day in Gwangju
2008.12   Welcome a new MS student (Sungho Shin) and a winter intern student (Yuyang Liu)
2008.10   NML Wiki Open –
2008.10   2008 Workshop for Collabortaion Environment Technology and AGK – DIC 104
2008.07   NMLsummer workshop in Namhae (7.17~19)
2008.06   Welcome a new MS student as summer intern (Suhyun An)
2008.04   Wecome a research assistant (Dongho Lee)
2008.04   Congratulation of promotion: Professor Kim
2008.03   Welcome new MS students (Koh Choi, JungSik Yoon, Vinay Ramachandra)
2008.02   NML 2008 winter workshop(2.13~2.15) – Pyeongchang
2008.02   Winter graduation exercises(2.13, Sanghoon Park, Kiho Choi)
2008.01   Visiting of International joint research with Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology(FIT)(2008.1~2008.6, Sangwoo Han)
2007.12   Welcome winter intern studunt(Koh Choi, JeongEun Kim, JungSik Yoon)
2007.12   Visiting of International joint research with Deutsch Telekom(2007.12~2008.2, Jaeyong Yoo)
2007.09  Exchange Sever Migration
2007.08  Summer graduation exercises(8.16, JongRyool Kim, Hai Dao Le)
2007.08  Welcome new Ph.D. studunts(Jongryool Kim, Hai Dao Le) and MS student(ChangHyeok Bae)
2007.07  NML 2007 summer workshop – Mongsanpo Beach, Taean
2007.07  Visiting of International joint research with University of Illinois Chicago(2007.7~2007.8, Kiho Choi)
2007.05  Launch of ADD project
2007.04  Launch of NIA KOREN project
2007.04  Launch of KISDI WG
2007.04  Launch of UCN project phase #2
2007.03  Launch of KOSEF project phase #2
2007.03  Launch of GLORIAD project
2007.03  Launch of Future Internet project phase #1
2007.03  Launch of KISITI AG project
2007.03  Welcome new MS students(Jungtae Bae, Jongchul Park, Wooyoung Lee)
2007.02  Visiting of International joint research with Deutsch Telekom(2007.2~2007.5, Hyeonryong Lee)
2007.02  NML 2007 winter workshop(2.5~2.8) – Pyeongchang
2006.12  Visiting of International joint research with North Carolina State University(2006.12~2007.6, Sanghoon Park)
2006.12  Welcome winter intern students(Jungtae Bae, Jongchul Park, Wooyoung Lee)
2006.10  Launch of DT-Lab OPAN project
2006.09  Launch of ITRC project phase #3
2006.07  NML 2006 summer workshop(7.6-7.8)-Namhae
2006.07  Visiting of International joint research with University of Illinois Chicago
2006.06  Welcome summer intern students (Sujin Ko,Seokho Son)
2006.04  Visiting of International joint research with Deutsch Telekom(Hayoung Yoon)
2006.04   Launch of Ubiquitous Computing and Network(UCN) Project phase #1
2006.04  Launch of krf Wireless Project Phase #3
2005.12  Visiting of International joint research with Deutsch Telekom(Juwon Park)
2005.05  Welcome new PostDoc member (Dr. Hyesun Hur)
2003.10  Welcome new MS student (kiyoung Lee)
2003.09  Launch of Realistic Broadcasting Research Center as MIC-sponsored ITRC
2003.08  Successful participation to Advanced Network Conf. / APAN Busan Meeting (Program Committee & AG Training WS)
2003.08  Welcome new PhD student (Hank Gong Huazhi), new MS student (Hyunryong Lee), and return of Omar F. Hamad
2003.07  Launch of IITA Basic Project Phase #2 and ICU-DML Phase #2 -i2-Next
2003.06  Welcome summer intern students (new MS student, Jaeyoun Kim, Namgon Kim, Kwangchul Jung)
2003.05  Launch of ETRI Home Networking Project (Multimedia service design for Home Gateway)
2003.05  Launch of ETRI Streaming Project (Interactive & prioritized media streaming)
2003.05  Launch of KISTI AG Project Phase #2
2003.05  Best paper prize (memorial for Dr. C. K. Un) @ JCCI 2003: “Analysis and reduction of transient time periods for smooth handoff packets in mobile IPv6 networks”
2003.04  ANF (Advanced Network Forum, former APAN-KR) Application Tech. Area Chair
2003.01  Welcome winter intern students (new PhD /MS students, Youngmin Kim, Hyunryong Lee, Sunhee Hwang)
2002.12  Launch of ICU-DML Project on ”  i-NExT: An immersive networked expression experience testbed”
2002.12  Launch of KRF Sundo Research on “Dynamic network-adaptive media multicasting techniques for mobile terminals over wireless networks”
2002.12  Start of Grid Forum Korea Access Grid Working Group
2002.12  Welcome new PhD student (Sanghoon Park) and MS students (Sangwook Han, Chulho Lee, Youngwoo Kwon)
2002.11  APAN-KR (Asia Pacific Advanced Network – Korea) Technology Area Advisor
2002.09  Welcome new PostDoc member (Chanmo Park)
2002.08  Welcome new PhD student (DeukWhee Kwak)
2002.08  TTA NGN Workshop PPT update (PPT)
2002.07  Launch of IITA Basic Project on “Advanced media streaming techniques employing network-adaptive playout mechanism”
2002.07  Welcome summer intern student (Sangwoo Han, Juwon Park)
2002.06  Welcome new member (MS Juwon Park)
2002.06  Launch of KISTI QoS, AccessGrid Projects
2002.01  Welcome winter intern students (Jaeyeon Lee, Taewan Kim, Yongwoo Sin, Jinmyung Kim)
2001.12  Movement to new WWW server
2001.12  155Mbps connection to KOREN 21 Network established
2001.11  Welcome 5 new members (MS Kyungae Yoon, MS for spring 2002: Donggeun Baek, Hyeyoung Jang, Jaehyeon Chung, Jaeyeon Lee)
2001.11  Future course offering plan
2001.09  Revision of Research Areas
2001.09  Launch of Networked Media Lab.